Unique Brand. Unique Strategy.

Strategic Consulting

Pixel Genie advise organisations on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver results and actionable strategies.

We work across every industry, with private and public sector bodies on a wide range of issues.

We particularly love to work with startups. They usually are the toughest challenge but often time, they're the most rewarding projects.

Mobile Applications

At Pixel Genie, we’re able to translate the market and user data into effective strategies that brings you closer to your business goals.

We first decode the user’s wants and needs, making for well-informed UI and UX decisions.

Only then, we develop high-quality iOS mobile applications from one end to the other. And we do it well.

Intuitive, engaging, and scalable - that’s our target. Every time.

Our latest work.

We have been working extra hard lately, the product : WOAO Money. Just about to be released exclusively on the App Store.

If you trade Bitcoins and have accounts on a few exchanges, you will LOVE this.

WOAO Money will monitor the markets for arbitrage opportunities and send you a quick notification when one is spotted.

Who doesn't like free money?

Past collaborators

We were lucky enough to see the insides of a lot of industries. Blessed to be able to impact a lot of people's lives.

In fact some of these past collaborators still use our code and/or strategies, to this day, to shape our world.

If you need help make our world a better place, we are right here.

Ready. Willing. Able.